Greg Finch

Meet Dr Greg Finch

After gaining my FRACS I spent two years working with world leaders in spine surgery in the USA and UK and Germany. I have a particular interest in minimally invasive spine surgery but enjoy and am trained in all aspects of spinal surgery.

Excellence In The Treatment Of All Spinal Conditions

Helping each patient on a pathway to a more active, more pain-free life.

Among Australia’s top spinal and orthopaedic surgeons is Dr. Greg Finch. His guiding principles are as follows:

  • Comfortable & Knowledgeable Patient
    Our initial appointment is when your comfort and wellbeing will become our Top priority. Dr Finch inch spends time getting to know your spinal condition and responding to all of your inquiries. Dr Finch wants you to be comfortable and know everything there is to know about your condition and treatment options.
  • Examine Every Available Course of Action
    Spinal surgery is serious and complex. This is why Dr Finch explores all the treatment options open to you. Many conditions improve with time or lifestyle adjustments and he only operates when you are both convinced you will have a better quality of life.
  • Up-to-date Technology
    When it comes to Spine surgery Dr Greg Finch uses the latest techniques and implants that have outcomes and a proven track record. He specialises in minimally invasive spine surgery.
  • Quick Appointments
    Dr Finch will visit with you at his next available clinic if your condition is urgent or critical. He wants you to be free from unnecessary suffering as soon as possible.

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